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Precursor VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, was established in 2006, in Hanoi. We provide consulting services installation of gates, doors industrial building, civil, with products: uPVC doors have the steel reinforcement NEWINDOW core, aluminum doors, hydraulic doors, automatic doors VIET DOOR .
In 2010, with the proposal of partners from Korea, industrial door solutions company KYUNG WOO, our partnership established INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Meci.
Meci Vietnam, undertake consultancy solutions portal system - civil and industrial doors, providing product-related services.
Wishing to expand in size, richer and more diverse product and service, providing a package of items related products in order to minimize the cost of time and manpower of the investor. We have links with domestic manufacturers, foreign we evaluated and selected according to the criteria of product quality, service quality to deliver to customers, investors service pack in sync with the best possible quality.
With the technical solutions introduced by KYUNG WOO, the unit has many years of experience in Korean port system protection, industrial doors. For officials and employees of Meci trained to provide technical solutions, consulting, design, construction, maintenance, advanced warranty. We hope Meci to customers with a new face, professional and consistent.
Our company is authorized distributor of products, parts on the door of the prestigious production company such as:
Grizzly - Canada (Joint venture manufacturing in Taiwan): The system components and accessories of automatic opening and closing.
Japan UNIFOW: The company produces industrial rolling door (high speed door)
HORMANN: port production company, the German border, factory in Hong Kong.
OCM: Company provide PVC blinds, factory in Italy.
Ferolii: Stainless steel mesh to prevent insect Italya
Kyungjin: Fan Air Curtain Manufacturer in Korea.
And partner companies from China and Taiwan

Head office Ha Noi

Add : Vân Canh - Hoài Đức - Hà Nội
Tel: 024 3200 6565 - 024 3200 5252
Hotline: 0982 301 028

Branh in DA NANG

Add:  52 Nguyen Trac, Hoa Thuan Tay, 
Hai Chau, Da Nang
Moile : 0905 195 999

Branh in City HCM

Add : 16 TH13 - Le Van Khuong 
Q 12 - HO CHI Minh
Tel:   028 6289 9208
Email :
Hotline :  0979 33 70 70
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